miércoles, 20 de abril de 2016

Somewhere over the Rainbow Event for Huntar [2378]

On friday 8th april 2016, Huntar Sammons was flown fromo Wellington to Christchurch Hospital after and MRI showed larged masses on his brain.

After spinal fluid and bone marrow testing, it has been found that Huntar is in the later stage of either Diffuse Large B Cell or Burkitt Lymphoma. They will need to treat this aggressively.
His chemotherapy will begin 13th april 2016 and is expected to last 6 months down in Christchurch.

In the meantime, Michelle and Rick will want to be at their sons bedside as much as the can.
To help them be there we need to held them, the bills won´t wait back home for them. So whatever you can spare would be greatly appreciated until they can get their little boy home and healthy again.

You can also give a donation directly by this link

100%  of  sales will be donated for the cause

Thank you Boutique 187 for the info

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